Bachelor of Arts Exhibition

All proposals due March 11, Spring 2015 to, by midnight. 

Selection committee criteria can be found at

Submission guidelines can be found at

The Annual Bachelor of Arts Exhibition, formerly called the Student Salon, is a professional exhibition of mature student work in the creative arts, including visual and performing arts. Third- and fourth-year students with significant involvement in art at Grinnell College are welcome to submit proposals for 2D and 3D artwork and digital media, installations, and performances.

Who Can Apply

  1. Seniors and Juniors who are passionate about art are highly encouraged to apply
  2. Works submitted can be from any of the student’s four years, but must be quality examples of work
  3. Proposals can range from 2D and 3D artworks, site-specific installations, video and sound media, and performances (including music, dance, and theatre)
  4. Each student may submit up to two proposals themselves; collaborative groups must include the names of all participating individuals, and each student may only be a part of up to three proposals total, including their own

Key Dates TBA

  1. Proposals are due March 12th
  2. Notification of acceptance by selection committee will be by March 15th via email
  3. All pieces physically due April 4th by 5pm (between 11am and 5pm)
  4. Exhibition open April 11th
  5. All pieces physically retrieved by May 7th at 4pm

How to Apply

  1. Submit emailed proposals at with the heading “PROPOSAL – [your username]” (e.g. “PROPOSAL – [artsepc]”)
  2. Proposals must include:
    1. 100- to 200-word project description with detailed information on the physical and conceptual properties of the work. Describe how it will be presented in the Faulconer Gallery. Please indicate any special equipment or installation requirements.
    2. Object label for exhibition including:
      1. artist name, class year
      2. year work was made
      3. title of the work
      4. medium
      5. indicate if your work is for sale or not for sale (FS/NFS)
    3. 3-5 JPG images of previous work. Images should relate to the work you will install in the gallery; if you are creating new work or an installation, include supplemental drawings or digital images. JPG images should be no larger than 1 MB. Please provide links to sound and video pieces if they are larger than 1 MB. Please note that the committee judges your work by the quality of your submitted images.
    4. A list of studio art courses taken; other courses in theatre, dance, or music; other exhibitions or performances you have participated in, and other relevant studio experience (such as darkroom experience).
    5. Clarification of duration of proposal (e.g. stagnant piece, single performance, etc.); performance dates and times will be made available upon acceptance
    6. Please indicate if you are available to help install your work. Mandatory for installation works.

Priority & Guidelines

  1. Fourth-year art majors/students
  2. Art majors/group proposals from studio and art history majors
  3. Students who have taken Intro. to the Studio and/or Intro. to Drawing
  4. Further selection committee criteria can be found at
  5. In order to maintain the quality of the original proposal, the selection committee reserves the right to reassess work upon physical submission
  6. Further submission guidelines can be found at
  7. Prizes in studio are will be awarded at the opening reception