BAX Submission Guidelines

All works submitted for the Bachelor of Arts Exhibition (BAX) must be ready to install.  This includes any special bases, mounting brackets, or other installation furniture. Works submitted to the BAX will be reviewed upon submission and will be removed from the show if they are not properly prepared. Work is due to the Faulconcer Gallery the weekend of April 5 (between 11am and 5pm)

Any damage and safety concerns can be discussed with Milton Severe, Director of Exhibition Design for Faulconer Gallery at [severe] or ex. 3074.

Please prepare your works according to the following guidelines:

Works on PAPER

Accepted works on paper without matte or frame will be installed directly to the wall in one of several ways, depending on size and any specifications by the artist.  These can include, but are not limited to, hanging with various types of clips (E.g. “bulldog” or “binder clips”) or with pushpins, nails, or any other type of fastener that the artist might prefer (with approval of the designer, Milton Severe).   No glues or tapes may be used in mounting objects to the gallery walls in this particular exhibition, unless there is good reason for doing so, and you get approval from Milton Severe before submitting your work for judging.

Traditional matting is certainly welcome, but it must be done cleanly, neatly, and in a professional manner.  Matted works will most likely be pinned or nailed directly to the wall. If an otherwise acceptable work is badly matted, it may be disqualified. If you need instructions in proper matting, please contact Milton Severe or one of the members of the art department faculty.

Works may also be framed, but the frame should be of good quality and MUST be ready for hanging. If using metal Nielsen style framing, wires may be attached, but preferably the frame can be hung using the channel in the top rail (the frame hangs flat against the wall when hung in this manner). Other types of frames MUST have either two D-rings (or other secure apparatus) and/or wire for hanging.  Any framed work that is submitted which would require extra preparation for hanging by the gallery staff will be disqualified (there simply isn’t enough time for extra prep work by the gallery staff in this particular exhibition, given the very short installation time available).

Works on CANVAS or BOARD

If submitting a stretched canvas, please have two D-rings and/OR wire in place for hanging – OR the work can simply be hung from the top stretcher rail.  If you would like to have your stretched canvas hung from its top rail, please be sure to TRIM AWAY ANY EXCESS CANVAS for clear access in hanging.  In other words, the wood of the stretcher must be visible and the nails (in the wall) that it will hang upon must come in contact with that wooden stretcher rail.

Works on board will be exhibited by mounting them to the walls in a way similar to works on paper (see above) – or framed (as above).

If any of your work is submitted without obvious means of hanging, then you must specify exactly how you prefer it to be hung.  You should consult with Milton Severe before you submit any work that requires other than traditional means of hanging for exhibition, to make sure that your idea is feasible.

3D works

If you are submitting 3D work that is not part of a special installation (installed by you the artist, with minimal supervision from the gallery designer), the gallery can provide pedestals and platforms for exhibition, depending on size and the nature of the piece submitted.  It is a good idea to consult with Milton Severe if you have questions about how your piece can be accommodated furniture-wise.


If you have an idea for a special site-specific installation, please discuss your idea(s) with Milton Severe in advance, to make sure that it will indeed be feasible in the gallery space(s) available.  Doing so will help you avoid any pitfalls for which you might otherwise be disqualified.

The same holds true for any performance ideas that you may have.  Speak with Milton Severe and Lesley Wright about your requirements as far as space, materials, equipment and possible performance times.

AUDIO and/or VIDEO submissions

The gallery has some audio/video equipment that is available for your use, or you may certainly provide your own.  Check with the gallery staff in advance of submitting your proposal, to make sure they have equipment that you may need, and/or that any equipment that you may wish to bring can indeed be used in the space available.

Please keep in mind that the ability to provide separate dark or soundproof spaces in the gallery is very limited.  Again, it would be prudent to discuss your ideas with Milton Severe in advance of submitting any proposal.