Faulconer Gallery

                                                Current Exhibitions:

Against Reason: Anti/Enlightenment Prints by Callot, Hogarth, Piranesi, and Goya  (April 3 – August 2, 2015)

Against Reason explores the darker side of the Enlightenment by asking, among other things: What are the dangers of secularism, nationalism, and a scientific method that dismisses rather than exalts the qualities that make us both human and humane? This pan-European show includes works by four of the most acclaimed draftsmen of France, England, Italy, and Spain, respectively. Against Reason was curated by students Elizabeth Allen ‘16, Timothy McCall ‘15, Mai Pham ‘16, Maria Shevelkina ‘15, Dana Sly ‘15, Hannah Storch ‘16, and Emma Vale ‘15, who designed the exhibition and wrote the catalogue during the exhibition seminar (Fall 2014) directed by Vanessa Lyon, assistant professor of art history.

Bachelor of Arts Exhibition (BAX) (April 10 – May 3, 2015)

Bachelor of Arts Exhibition (BAX) features work by third and fourth-year art students – both majors and students in other majors who work intensively in studio. Students coordinate the exhibition with support from the Faulconer staff: from the submission of proposals, to the selection of a juror, to the installation and awarding of prizes.

                                                 Upcoming Exhibitions:

Open to Interpretation (May 15 – August 2, 2015)

Curated by Tilly Woodward, Curator of Academic and Community Outreach, and Lesley Wright, Director

The Faulconer Gallery collection is filled with intriguing and curious works of art, which can be enjoyed or interpreted in many different ways. This summer exhibition brings together a range of works and asks visitors to provide comments and captions, selections of which will be shared for others to enjoy and ponder.


                                         Burling Gallery

                                                    Current Exhibitions:

1954 Korea: After the Korean War (March 23 – May 17, 2015)

(Photographs by Cliff Strovers)*
Life-long Grinnell resident Cliff Strovers was stationed in Pusan (Busan), South Korea in 1953, as part of the 44th Engineering Construction Group after the Korean War. As he helped rebuild the country’s infrastructure, he took photographs of daily life around him. In recent years, he rediscovered the photographs, digitized them and began exhibiting them first in South Korea and now in Iowa. His photographs provide one view of Koreans as they recovered from war 60 years ago.

Organized by the Grout Museum District, Waterloo, Iowa.

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